Stop Motion Film

Hi guys, it’s me, Oren.

Today, I will be talking about my stop motion film, and maybe how to make one. Once you get very good you might get to be like this.

The Task

We had to make a stop motion of the Wild Robot book, about the scene we

(our group ) thought was most important. We thought it was the scene where the boat crashes and Roz (the robot) happens.


WARNING: The following contents do NOT contain sound. When you start asking me about it, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Indigenous Project (Iroquois Community)

Hi guys! Today I will be talking about making a poster board about the community, Iroquois.

Who did I do it with? I did it with Jonah and Jeremy. They are both my friends, and we all work well together.

What community did you research about? We researched about the community Iroquois.

How did your presentation go? I think it went pretty good. I would try not to look back at the poster too much, next time.

What went well? I think the smoothness of our talking (not umm… uh…) was pretty good on our presentation.

What would you do better next time? Like I said, I would try to not look at my paper a lot.

I loved this project, and hope to do something like it again soon.

That was my blog! Thank you for reading it!

Science Sound Unit

Hi again, everyone, I’m back!

Today I will be talking about sound. I can’t belive we have started this unit!


So first, you need to know that there are four properties of sound.

  1. Sound can be reflected.
  2. Sound can be absorbed.
  3. Sound can be modified.
  4. Sound is caused by vibrations.

Lets start with the first one. Sound can be reflected. Sound can be reflected off of most hard surfaces, but google says that masonry, a brick bond, like mortar, and concrete are most affective.

We did three experiments in class. One was with a tuning fork. We tapped it on several different objects, several different times. Another was about making a kazoo. I was not here for this experiment. The last one is about making a model ear. We made it out of cardboard, then added clay.

Next is sound can be absorbed. Sound can be absorbed by most things, but again, google gives us suggestions too. Google says that flexible objects, and objects that allow liquid and air to pass through will absorb sound easily.

The third one says that sound can be modified. To modify, or change the pitch/volume of sound, you have to modify the vibration first. To do that, you can go to a speaker, or another device, and turn up/down the volume.

A very good speaker. (don’t ask how I know)

Sound is/are waves. It/they move according to vibrations. Sound is made from vibrations. The waves travel, in a line. Sound can echo well off a dome, because it is uneven. Not strait.

That was my blog post. Thank you for reading.

Our first sience unit

This is my lab report:


Next time, I would like more mirrors, beacause it would be harder to hit the right space that would reflect to the cards.

Next, while we were learning about transparent translusent and opaque, we made stain glass windows. The transparent part, was the “protection holding the paint in”. The translucent, was the part were the light travels through, and it lights up the different coulors. the opaqe, was not actually the same part as in a real stain glass window, but we used it like another translucent, but the light could not get through. In a real stain glass window, the opaque would just be the seperator of the different coulors.

This is when we were learning about reflecting light:

When light gets reflected onto rippled water, the water can ripple the picture like this:

body of water

When light gets refracted, the light moves slower, making pictures that arent actually there. Light moves slowly in water, wich is why a wise spear fisherman wont throw a spear exactly where he sees the fish.

Reflection of learning:

I loved this unit, though I think next unit I will want to do more experiments, and less worksheets.


I rate this unit eight :)s and two :(s out of ten.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

🙁 🙁

My First Recount (At elmhirsts resort)

I was more than excited… until I remembered about the car drive. I asked my dad and he told me… 3 HOURS!?! This was too much for me. I started to tremble. I was worried. I wasn’t expecting that long a drive!  But when we pulled into the driveway and I saw the playgrounds, the cottages, the pools, the restaurant and the beach, I started to feel like it was worth it.

F irst we checked out the cottage, which was more like a house. It looked strangely like the inside of a mansion (but of course smaller) We unpacked, read books, because we hadn’t planned anything yet, and chose our rooms. For dinner, me and my family had lasagna. It was amazing! So soft. The edges were just the right amount crunchy… Mmmmm…

T he next day, when we felt the damp grass, I went to the indoor pool, which was warm, but we couldn’t dive. Disappointing. So instead, we just swam. We also watched Honey, I shrunk the kids, and went canoeing with my sister and dad. I was in the stern for half of the ride, but after, when I started to get tired, the stern went to my dad; and we went by a personal island. It said it was owned by “The Johns”.

Next, we went ax throwing for a bit, and in about 2 hours we went swimming, and then built a boat. It worked well. I could paddle as long as I wanted!

Finally, we went home. On the way, we ate lunch at a breakfast restaurant. I had a chicken ceaser wrap. I almost ate too much! When we finally got pack to Ontario, we only had to drive for 10 more minutes! On the highway, I had fun on my tablet (iPad) for the last 5 minutes! Just kidding. I was playing for about half the time. When we got back home, I was exhausted, and sad that we had left; but after, we had to unpack. (My least favorite part of all that fun.) I loved it. I hope to go to elmhirts resort again next you.

Minions rise of gru

I loved this movie so much. In this movie, Gru steals a stone, but he gives it to one of his minions;, and it trades it for a pet rock. Then, three of the minions take martial arts classes ( and do not do well) until finally, they have to save gru (they call gru miniboss).  The minions fight for their boss’s life (and their own), and are matched by the most ferocios dragon, monkey and more.

I rate this movie five stars, and reccommend this for people who like comedy.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you watch it, and love it as much as I do.